Alynx Tsuenyah is a neko girl who will never accomplish her dream of getting in Devil Beater.


Alynx wears a black bandana, military scout headgear, and white cat lingere. She also has a black cat tail and cat ears.


Key Description Damage/Buff Cooldown
(Passive) Nyah~? Alynx kneels down and Nyahs for 3 seconds. This happens randomly. None None
(LMB) Scratch. Alynx scratches because she wants milk. 100 1 second
(E) Drink up. Alynx drinks a dish of milk. Heals 99 Health. 99 Health 5 seconds
(R) Shut up. Alynx swings her tail to shut up people. 350 3 seconds
(F) That's not milk.. Alynx grabs a bucket of mixed white paint and cum, dumping it over herself, forcing enemies to attack her. The cum and paint goes away after 15 seconds. None 20 seconds


Alynx is typically a naughty and spoiled neko, making sexual jokes or attempts on an almost daily basis. However, if people spoil her or do something to gain her happiness, she becomes easily loyal. If she isn't treated like a queen, she'll go crazy. Also, if someone were to nyah, she will always nyah back.


Alynx comes from a separate universe where all the inhabitants who were close to being a cat in the main universe in any possibly way, are now a neko. She ended up being one of the few people who became a neko, and constantly leaves her owners because she's a naughty and spoiled fuck.


  • She stole the scout headgear.
  • She got the cum from Drakon and Cielo after they were done having sex.