Alexander Nukozari is an OC for Devil Beater


Alexander is wearing a Haze suit with the Sapphire Riding Hat and the Purple Snake Eyes along with a Sinister face.


Key Description DMG CLD
LMB Shoot a Dark Blue square which goes at high speeds like a bullet. 80 1s
E The player creates 3 phantom minions from his hands. 130 20s (after dissapeared)
R Alexander stomps the ground 350 16s
F A flag forms on both of your hands.After the flag is formed,you throw it on yourself and after it went all to your body,you will form a clone and you turn invulnerable.The flag stays in the same spot you were in for a period of time.If the enemy steps in it will form a unattackable clone of the enemy,and after a few moments its form,it collides to the enemy and the foe will get major damage. 700

(if enemy steps on the flag if on the ground)


(if the flag is on the floor and dissapeared)


(become invulnerable)

G Stack your damage,health,and speed by damaging yourself with a explosion.

Damage: 30 per explosion

Speed: by 0.35 per explosion

Health: Until Max (1k)

If health is 1k max,the health stack will stop and continue with the damage and speed stack


(if besides enemy)


Upgraded ONLY Moves

L You form a giant meteor from the sky,it will do good damage and can create shockwaves







  • Improve "True Building" (G)
  • Increase health
  • Increase F's Damage by 0.75


He's usually a strict man which forces himself to put secret cameras all over his house just for security reasons, and he's the only one who has the pad to see all cameras


  • Alexander's F is a literal reference to D4C from JJBA Part 7
  • His first name came from Alexander the Great
  • His pose is based off a pose made by Polnareff