Alexa The Waiter is an OC for Devil Beater.


Alexa wears a pair of bunny ears and a waitress suit. She has blue hair and a winking face, also.


Alexa is a waitress at a first class restaurant who has been working in the restaurant for 6 years. She eventually had gotten bored and decided to seek a warrior/mafia lifestyle. Not having any magic, she uses her skills as a waitress to fight on the battlefield. While she may not be able to do extreme damage, her food is cursed: allowing the food to heal anyone that eats it.

Alexa is not part of any allegiance currently. However, she is seeking to join a mafia force known as "The Italian". "The Italian" is a mafia force consisting of chefs, waiters, etc.


Alexa speaks normally but almost all of her dialogue ends with a "~". Much like this~


Key Description Damage Cooldown

An Apple a day..

Throw a pineapple, apple or a banana at the enemy. Pineapples can knock enemies back a good distance. Bananas stun the enemy for 2 seconds. Apples make the enemy slow down for 1 second. The chance of getting one of these is 33% each. 100 damage. 0.5 seconds.

Large Thing

Throw a huge watermelon at the enemy. Does great knockback and stuns them for 1 second. 200 damage. 4 seconds.


Drop a kiwi on the floor. The kiwi begins to emit large bursts of healing power for 3 seconds. Each burst happens every second. +30 hp per burst. 3 seconds.


Place an apple on your head. The apple with create a large sphere around you that heals you and allies. It also damages any enemies that are inside of it. However, there is no knockback. This lasts for 5 seconds. +20 hp per second.

100 dmg per second.

10 seconds.

Stack of Potatoes

Float slowly into the air. This gives you a stack then makes you fall back down. Each stack means +10 dmg on all attacks. (And +5 on all healing attacks) Buff 9 seconds.

Eggplant Emoji?

User Exclusive & 50/50/50. Throw a barrage of eggplants. Each eggplant makes a quack sound upon throwing and hitting an enemy. A small explosion occurs when they hit a wall or the enemy. Each eggplant can stun the enemy for 3 seconds. (Can't be stacked) 100 per eggplant. 5 seconds.


  • Increase Health.
  • Increase Speed.
  • Increase F's duration.