Alex Yu is a OC for the game Devil Beater.


Alex Yu seems to be wearing a blue power suit, and has blue anime hair.


Science Form:

Key Description Damage Cooldown
Lmb - The power of Black Labs! Alex fires a blue orb from her hand, if the orb hits the boss, they will be knocked back. 90 Damage Each Orb No cooldown
E - BLACK SCIENCE IS THE BEST! A machine gun comes out of Alex's stomach. The machine gun rapidly fires orbs that explode on impact. 100 Damage each Orb. 40 Seconds
R - SHIELD BARRIER! A barrier forms around Alex Yu. If the boss touches the barrier, they are knocked back, and deals 50 damage. 50 Damage 10 Seconds
F - FOR SCIENCE! Alex's stand appears. The stand has blue smoke coming out of the arms. None 5 Seconds

Stand Mode:

Key Description Damage Cooldown
Lmb - The World... Alex's stand throws a giant clock symbol at the boss. 119 Damage 1 Second
E - FUTILE! Alex's stand punches rapidly for high lifesteal, and high damage. Every time you punch you lose 10 health. 90 Damage each Punch.

60 Lifesteal

13 Seconds
R - HELP ME, LOYAL FRIEND! Alex's Stand summons a monkey with a fez on to fight for you! You can only summon 5 monkeys. Monkeys Deal 90 Damage Each. 3 Seconds
F - NO MORE OF THIS WEIRD STUFF! BACK TO SCIENCE! Alex explodes, and switches back to science form. Explosion deals 30 Damage 5 Seconds


Alex Yu is a very confident person. She thinks that she is the 2nd most smartest in the world. In her opinion the smartest man in the world is Mercury Black.


When Alex Yu was a child, she was always weak. She could not lift a brick. She could not lift her full bag of books. Although no one made fun of her for this. Everyone just ignored her like she was invisible...She only had one friend. Her one friend was named Mercury Black. Mercury was not really a smart kid, but he kept Alex company, like a friend. But one day, Mercury suddenly disappeared. She was a lone. Some years later, she went to high school. Unlike her former students, she was bullied. Bullied for being weak. Bullied for being scared of everyone. Bullied for being lonely. She had no one to defend her. She was scared.... She was sad. She wanted to leave the world, and go to a faraway galaxy where everyone would be nice to her. Sadly that was impossible. So she turned to science to fix her problems. She would make a power suit to beat up her bullies, and fly away! But sadly all attempts to make her suit failed. She then turned to the guidance of her parents. But they didn't help at all. They just said "Don't worry Alex, everything is going to be alright." so, Alex Yu ran away from her parents. From her bullies. From her home...She was struggling to survive on the streets. She hid in alley ways, so no one could find her. She stole people's food for survival. She couldn't make it. She was only 17. But it all changed when a man with a black sword, and a mask covering his face showed up. Alex Yu was scared. So she did the most stupidest thing in her whole entire life. She tried attacking the man. But this only ended up with her left arm getting cut off. The man left her to die...But something stopped him from moving. She was glowing. Alex Yu fired a W.C Nuclear Atom bullet from her remaining hand. This W.C Nuclear Atom went right through the man's chest. But the man disappeared. Alex Yu fainted from blood loss. When she woke up, she found herself in a lab in a chair. Mercury walked into the room. Mercury explained where she was. They were in Black Labs, Mercury's very own lab full of many other people. Mercury explained the W.C Bullet she shot out of her hand. But he didn't explain who the man attacking her was. Mercury built a robotic arm to replace her old arm. Then she went to sleep. She had a nightmare. A person with two claws was attacking her. The person's head was in the shadows. When Alex woke up from this nightmare, she thought to herself that the nightmare was too real to be just a nightmare. She thought it was a vision of the future, so she started to study. Study really hard. She studied elements, and W.C. She studied the suits that most users have. A year later, she made her suit. The W.C Atomic Suit. Her new suit made her powers much more powerful, and useful in combat. With a little help from Mercury she added more things, like a machine gun in her stomach area, and a shield barrier. A year later, she learned about stands, and their power. She thought it would be useful in combat...So she studied some more. She learned that if you combine W.C Nuclear Atoms with a stand arrow, it turns into a W.C Nuclear Stand Arrow. She stabbed the arrow into her leg, and actually surprised. She took a huge risk doing this action, but it was worth it. She calls her stand "Riferimento". A year later, she hears about a new team forming called "Team Galaxy" and seeks to challenge them in a fight with her new found courage, and powers.


  • Mercury Black - Childhood friend, and someone she can trust on.
  • Aiden Black - Cut her arm off.

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