Alex Troban is an OC for Devil Beater.... And looks edgy.


Alex wears the FoF Aether suit, along with his edgy musketeer hat and edgy shades.

Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB "Wonder weather were having" Fires gusts of wind, knocking back the enemy and deal mediocre damage 70 damage .5 seconds
E "WIND CHILLS" Makes his own gusts of wind a lot more powerful and slows the enemy when hit. +50 damage | 30 seconds slow 95 seconds | 1 minute duration
R "High winds of 90mph" Slowly builds a player sized gust tornado, knocking back the enemy 195 damage 200 seconds
F "Death Valley Tornado" Concentrates his power, to gather his inner brother tornado power from Kansas, and summons a huge tornado 370 damage 280 seconds
T Eggy Alex yells Edgy very slow, long, and loud. Hell to ears No cooldown c:


  • Increase Walkspeed
  • Increase Health
  • Slightly reduce cooldown of "High winds of 90mph" (R)

15/15/15: His T is a little more louder.

50/50/50: His winds is much more clearer and precise, and says "edgy" longer


To cut it short, Alex doesn't care, or is stubborn enough to create an argument over 2 hours worth of wasted time. He was raised, and developed into the human he is today. Though, he'll still try to pitch in to help his current team that he is in.


  • Turndials: Alex is a normal member.
  • Naoko Imoni: He respects Naoko mutually, but they tend to get into fights when Lea isn't looking.
  • Lea Besdi: Being under her authority, he has no room to disobey, or it's his demise.
  • Oscodo Hurey: Although Alex is weirded out a bit by Oscodo's personality, both of them have quite the common stubborn personality, causing them to be friends.


  • Most of this isn't a joke.
  • This was written while the creator can't sleep.
  • He's edgy.
  • He's the only member in Turndials to wear a cooler suit, because he's cooler and edgier.
  • His Flame being active is much more cooler than his normal look.