Akatisiyira (or Akat or Akati for short) is an OC for Devil Beater (and Melfar Academy for you deviantart roleplaying fricks)


Akati has blue hair in a bun (i dont even) and her hairtips are dyed a slight fade of purple. A surgeon mask covers her mouth.


Attack Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB - Akati throws a punch. 121 0.6 seconds
RMB - Akati does a kick. 126 0.5 seconds
Q - Akati does a backflip. (why did i even add this) None 2 seconds
Z - Akati blocks with her arms,all attacks only do 50% of the damage. None
E Rivishou Akati throws a balisong knife then dashes to them,then kicks them and she dashes back 22 studs away. 132 5 seconds
R Lowborne's Cry Akati throws her ring and it lets out a huge beam of a mixture of light and dark,giving everyone around her a damage boost. For every ally touched,it heals Akati by 26. None 8.7 seconds
F Virishi's Dream Akati throws her knife in a straight direction as it summons a scorpion that lets out a burst of semi-transparent cyan rings that drags enemies towards the scorpion as they slowly die. 153 10.6 seconds
P Kritina's Pride Akati stabs her arm and she slowly loses health until she dies,but gives her a huge damage and speed boost when activated. Death never


-Increase speed

-Decrease F cooldown

-Increase F lifesteal (?)


Akati is the most laziest person but when needed,she is able to act quickly. But most of the time she can be seen taking many naps.


(this is not connected to melfar at all)

Akati was second in command in a group related to crime. The group would do missions from attempting to successfully doing a heist alone to exploding a bar to assassinating another in their own group. Akati had been infamous for some of those crimes. Although she didn't really like her job much as she thought that it wasn't really right. Akati being one of the most targetted member. She didn't want to die either. Every night, Akati would sleep in a different location. She wanted to quit her job. But a rule in the group was that once you're in,you can't get out. Akati hated this rule. She wished death on the leader. She wanted to escape. Being the second in command she was and as of having the best firearms,she quickly shot the leader in front of almost the entire group and detonated a bomb hidden under the base that only she and 2 others knew. Akati quickly escapes the base by a sibling lowering a ladder to a helicopter to her.

As of now,Akati is currently living with her mothers and brother like other usual human beings and also watching out for surviving group members.