It was unknown from where this man came, it was almost like he appeared from thin air (which he did, since he was created by me, also known as idiotic aqua).


"Hi there, I like breaking the fourth wall." - Ainobi.

"And also, don't turn around." -Ainobi, again.


Red/crimson hair, kinda messy, wears clockwork headphones. Usually has an agni suit on for formal meetings, but wears random t-shirts with lame messages, such as... "You are now manually breathing."


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Art Class

Ainobi creates a random clay figurine which damages any bosses which brush past it.

You have a starting maximum of 3 sculptures at a time. May be upgraded.

100 damage 10 seconds
E Fire 'er up!

If Ainobi has a clay sculpture down, the sculpture will be hardened and glossed - increases damage.

If Ainobi has no clay sculptures/all are destroyed, he fires a globlet of burning clay at the enemy (auto-aimed).

Clay sculpture: +50 damage

Burning shot: Deaths 15 DoT for 10 secs

12 seconds
R Rise, my golems!

All sculptures can now move and will chase after the enemy, dealing damage upon contact. Damage is also increased by a slight amount.

Note: Fired clay sculptures are not effected by this move.

125 damage per contact hit 20 seconds
F Shatter. All fired clay golems shatter, creating damaging fragments of clay on the floor. Flying bosses are not effected by this.  300 damage per shard. 60 seconds
T What's the song? Ten seconds of a darude sandstorm remix is blared. +10 damage per person who dies while the song is being played. 5 minutes

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