Aerimus Eaga is an OC made by dragonblack6000

Note: He has a Burst Gauge.

Appearance: (Normal)

He is a White Eagle with Wing-shaped Ears. He wears an Agni Clothes and a Blue Scarf around his neck.

Skill List: (Normal)

Key Description Damage Cooldown
Q Burst Mode: He triggers his Burst Mode for 60 Seconds, increasing all of his Attacks by 150%. (Need Burst Gauge to full.) Non-Damaging None
LMB Wind Ball: He fires some Wind Orbs straight to the Target (Mouse). 250 Damage perOrb 2.5 Seconds.
E Spiral Wind: He fires a Spiral Wind straight to the Target (Mouse). If hit, it will explodes (The Explosion has 25% Damage) 300 Damage (Spiral Wind)

75 Damage (Explosion)

5 Seconds.
R Rain: He summons a Rain Cloud that will heal allies for 30 seconds. 10 Health per Seconds. 10 Seconds.
F Wind Impact: He creates a Wind Explosion around him, damaging the enemy and knocking them away from him. 400 Damage, Knockback 10 Seconds.

Appearance: (Burst Mode)

When in Burst Mode, His hand skin becomes purple and His eyes becomes red, and His Scarf becomes red. All of His Attack gets stronger (150% Damage from Normal Mode), and His Skill List changes too.


Aerimus Eaga in Burst Mode.

Note: He will transform back to Normal Form after 60 Seconds.

Key Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Electro Ball: He fires some Electric Orbs straight to the Target (Mouse). 375 2.5 Seconds.
E Thunderstorm: He fires an Electric Spiral Wind straight to the Target (Mouse). 450 Damage 5 Seconds.
R Thunderbolt : He summons a Thunderbolt in selected area. 500 Damage 8 Seconds.
F Electric Wind Impact: He creates a Yellow Wind Explosion around him, heavily damaging the enemy and knocking them away from him. 600 Damage, Knockback 10 Seconds.


Increase Health

Increase Damage

Increase Speed

Is this really how to Publish your OCs? if im wrong, then please tell me the right way.

Sorreh if my english isn't that good :P

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