Aegilocus' Appearance

Aegilocus has a blue fedora, Spacephones, and Twitch 150k Shades (And is basically just a self-insert) and is a char who will (most likely) never make it to DB cuz i dont plan on buying him in.


Moveset 1: Regular

Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Q (15'd) Ring of Disentegration 4 orbs spin nearby him consuming 3 stacks a minute until you die 50 base damage Until you respawn
LMB ??? Does a slash with his hand which sends out short range energy 75 Base

1/10 lifesteal

.75 seconds
E It's All in Your Hands Channels in some energy to his hands which increases HP and Attack pernamently +10 damage and HP 2 seconds
R Planetarium Doubles your current HP and puts you in Planetary form Its a Form Change 5 seconds
F Now You have It all in you Increases your stacks by 50 for 10 seconds. High cooldown +500 dmg and HP 90 seconds

Moveset 2: Planetary

Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Passive We All Spin Around 8 orbs spin around you dealing contact damage 50 base Its A Heccin Passive
Q (15'd) Ring of Disentegration Causes 4 orbs to collide at your mouse position 50 base

100 (Explosion Base)

1 second
LMB Let's Speed It Up! The orbs go faster. Only viable when held. It's a heccin attack change None
E It's All In Your Hands Channels in some energy to his hands which increases HP and Attack pernamently +20 HP and +10 Damage 2 seconds
R Let's Get Moving! Changes back to normal and halves your current HP It's a form change 5 seconds
F Welcome to Planet Earth The orbs now chase the enemy for high damage for 15 seconds 150 base 30 seconds (after attack)


Increases Base Speed
Increase the amount of HP and damage you gain from E (15'd = 15 hp and dmg, 50'd = 25 hp and dmg)
Increase the amount of orbs surrounding you in Planetary form (15'd = 15, 50'd = 20)


He often considers himself lesser than other people around him and almost always has a philosophical reason for most things he does. Despite this, he tries to enjoy everything thrown at him.

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