Admisuno is the Second member of the Dancers alliance and Second in command


Admi is a friendly person who likes to fight if someone is acting suspicious, though he often loses without his teammates That is the icon----------------->


Admi is another egg which has the admin eggs of 2016-2017 on and wears a Shirt of hatsune miku



Key Move Health healed Cracking used Cooldown
LMB Throw a healing egg 50 2% 0.2 seconds
E Get a minigun and shoot lots of healing eggs 20 (per egg) 5% 2 seconds
R get double healing eggs for 10 seconds just double eggs 10% 5 seconds
F Go into the air and throw a huge healing egg meteor, healing massively FULL 100% 60 seconds
Passive He has a bar at the top labeled "Cracking" When its full Admi takes no dmg but when it gets to 50% he takes full dmg and if it gets to 0 he takes triple damage, his bar refills when not using a move 2% cracking per second

No trivia 4 u

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