I considered making a Persona 1/2 character so uh here


Key Move DMG Cooldown
(Q) OMQ A PERSONA 2 ETERNAL PUNISHMENT REFERENCE? Put a paper bag on your face with crude drawings of eyes and a mouth
LMB Fire a homing orb from somewhere 100 0.5 seconds
E Cover yourself with Orb armor being unable to take dmg or deal any dmg

lasts for 10 seconds

none you moron 10


R your mask rips in 2 breaking your chains and doubling dmg for 5 seconds how does this do any 15 seconds
F Fire so many homing orbs (actually 30) that you begin to slow down and need to take a nap for 30 seconds 150 per orb 60 seconds
Z Pull out a gun and shoot yourself doing nothing except fires blocks out of your head nothing none
Passive 10% chance of all homing orbs to home on YOU and if it hits you get hurt 20 dmg to yourself


Adience is a goofy guy who literally doesnt want to fight and when he does he always plays no rock music (Breaking the 4th wall there)