902 is a spirit-like humanoid from an unknown laboratory. His creator is InferiorClone.


902's appearance is pretty much what you see. He appears to be floating and has yellow glowing eyes.


Key Desc DMG Cooldown
LMB Fire a large, slow orb that deals high damage on impact. 250 2 Secs
E Release a circular pulse of energy that deals high damage and can be used up to three times at once. 300*3 10 Secs
R After 3 seconds charge, create a massive explosion of energy 750 20 Secs
F Reaches its arm out and grabs the oponent and slams him/her into the ground. 1.5K 30 Secs
Z Summons blades from 902's arms and swings. Causes bleed effect. 200*2 + 50*6 Bleed 5 Secs
G (15/15/15) Form a spiritual clone that flies toward the cursor, damages and lifesteals. 400 10 Secs
Q (15/15/15) Summon a "spirit bomb" the deals high damage on impact. 1-2K 20 Secs


Perform a series of jabs (10 to be exact), dealing medium damage at a very fast rate. 250*10 20 Secs


Creates a circular field for 10 seconds that buffs allies and cripples enemies.

(Heals allies, damages and slows enemies)

+50 Health, -100 + -2 Speed 30 Secs


Rain tiny particles around you. After three seconds, those particles burst and create a giant dark void dealing INSANE damage each second an enemy's in the void for 20 seconds. 1000*20! 60 Secs
T Taunt 0 0 Secs


  • Increase Damage from Bleed. (By 5 Each 2 SP)
  • Increase Base Speed
  • Decrease All Cooldowns.


902 feels no emotion except for hatred of the people who made him.




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