843 776472637 is a SUPER DELAYED oc request, it is based off of the user Touhoufan911.


843's head is a Tee Vee, he also wears a light blue suit.

Pretty simple design really.


He was made in a factory.



Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Left Click 2633 7468 Fires a slow moving projectile made of code. 100 1 second
E 2833 843 goes into the game files and gives himself and nearby allies some armor. (this stacks) +10 Armor 8 seconds
R 565 843 creates a fire wall that deletes enemy projectiles. None 10 seconds
F 367 843 creates a giant magnetic pulse that prevents enemies hit from doing anything. 250 20 seconds
Q 26479 843 throws his chair. (requires 843 to be 15/15/15) 1000 10 seconds
T 3277273 Plays his theme. 999999 to ear drums. 3 minutes and 49 seconds. (the exact length of his theme.)
Z 87655 843 damages himself and makes himself and every player in the server trip. (requires 843 to be 50/50/50) 10 to himself. 1 second


  • Increase 2633 7468 (Left Click)'s travel speed
  • Increase the size of 843's attacks
  • Increase the duration of all of 843's attacks


843 comes from an entire race of Tee Vees that speak in a weird language consisting of only numbers, 843 speaks in this language and some of the information about him is in this language.


  • Every group of numbers on this page (except for the name and the health, DPS and speed numbers) translates to something in English.
  • There are so many Tee Vees named 843 as it is a certain model of a Tee Vee.
    • All of the 843 Tee Vees look the same.
  • 843's theme is ear grating.
  • 843 is very similar to a flux user however is not one due to the fact that he can't use Flames of Fate.