Leather diamond now has instead of a Mcree Arm, A Arm that reaper has, And has a peg leg, With A Sand undertale Leg, And his Arm Cannon has been upgraded, The robot's Suit is now compatible as the suit's power source is now Leather Diamond, And causes it to not be as exposed, The Head of the machine has been stabbed, And the knife is unremovable due to superglue, The face is no longer happy go lucky, And now an edgy fucc boi


Leather Diamond is now no longer searching for his Memories, As he has Found rubber projectile, And Failed to defeat him, After 49 years of depression, He had gotten a new upgrade, Which now makes him a serious bastard who's not happy because of DEPRESSEION, This makes him Endangered to threatening things that could cause an emotional breakdown.

Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Gravitorb Fire an orb from your cannon, Which pulls enemies into it, Upon impact, It will dissapear, And root the enemy it hit. 250 1 Seconds
E Elimination. Rig Your Mech's Head as an explosion, And Throw it at the enemy, When it explodes, It will regrow. 350 5 seconds
R Shaping a structure Fire a laser that stays in place for 5 seconds which you use to create something. It will act as a shield and damage enemies on touch. 300 15 seconds
F OH FUCK You Explode, And reform, causing MASSIVE FUCKING DAMAGE. 1000 1 minute
Q O V E R D R I V E Enter Overdrive, causing increased damage, Lower health, And higher speed, And new attacks for a minute. 0 once per life
LMB Gravidestroyed Fire an orb that pulls enemies in, Which causes DoT, And stays alive for 15 seconds to pull and gravitate them towards it, Causing DoT. 100 DoT 5 seconds
E Throw-A-Dude Throw a man using your arm cannon to fling them at the enemy, Damaging them and the enemy. 1000 damage 10 seconds
R BRATATA Use your Peg Leg to fire bullet shells that deal minimal damage, Fires 100 bullets. 10 damage 5 seconds
F Demi-Esscence Use your remaining essence to fire a beam of utter demolition, Causing others which touch the beam to FUCKING DIE. 10000 Damage once per life


Increase Overdrive Time

Increase damage.

Increase LMB Pull.

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