33 Year Nathaniel New is an oc for Drager Beater. Unlike the pre-33 year version he will not be bought into the game unless newnath has enough money for both.


He has Orange arms, an Orange torso and Black legs. Oh and we can't forget his cowboy hat.


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Left Click I want to shoot niggas Nathaniel fires a bullet, after all the bullets in his gun are gone he reloads. Deals double the damage for headshots. 130

260 (headshot)

0.2 (Between Rounds)

2 seconds (Reload Time)

Q Aiming Nathaniel will toggle aiming, while aiming he does more damage however cannot move. 200 (If Left Click is used)

400 (If Left Click is used and headshots)

0.5 seconds
E Rolling still makes me invincible. Nathaniel Rolls. Durring the roll takes no damage and cannot attack. None 2 seconds
R SAMSON RIP OFF! >:O Nathaniel sends out a rope, if it hit an opponent a rope is attached to them and they are stunned, pressing R again will make Nathaniel fling the enemy that the rope is attached to. 50 (Rope)

100 (Fling)

10 seconds
F Spam Nathaniel's gun is powered up for a few seconds, making it shoot faster and hold infinite bullets. None 30 seconds


Nathaniel decided to kill himself to end his suffering however, instead of letting him die, god decided to reincarnate him as someone else and wipe his memory completely, during his 33 years living as this new person he has become a cowboy and now has duels with other cowboys and looks for treasure for a living.


  • Increase Nathaniel Bullet Count
  • Increase Nathaniel's health
  • Increase Nathaniel's F Duration


  • 33 Year Nathaniel is 33 years old.

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