33 year Nathaniel New is my fucking mistake


looks gay as fuck


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Left Click Cum Blaster Nathaniel starts jacking off and nutting all over the place. Deals double the damage for vaginashots. 130

260 (vaginashot)

0.2 (Between Rounds)

2 seconds (Reload Time)

Q T H I C C Nathaniel will toggle ass mode, while in ass mode he shits on people however cannot move. 200 (If Left Click is used)

400 (If Left Click is used and vaginashots)

0.5 seconds
E I JUST WANNA ROLLIE ROLLIE ROLLIE ROLLIE ROLLIE ROLLIE ROLLIE ROLLIE Nathaniel Rolls. Durring the roll he takes no damage and cannot attack. None 2 seconds
R OGM NOOSE URSELF IDIOT Nathaniel sends out a noose, if it hit an opponent a noose is attached to their head and they are hanged, pressing R again will make Nathaniel choke the enemy that the noose is attached to. 50 (Noose)

100 (Choke)

10 seconds
F OH YES, OH YES, MY COCK IS THROBBING AND READY TO CUM! Nathaniel's Dick starts throbbing for a few seconds, making it shoot faster and hold infinite cum. None 30 seconds


Nathaniel was bullied in school for watching anime


  • Increase Nathaniel's testicle size
  • Increase Nathaniel's dick size
  • Increase Nathaniel's weebness


  • 33 Year Nathaniel is 33 years old.

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