1x1x1x1's is a joke character for Devil Beater FANON Wikia.

Why 1x1x1x1

People start watching new fake videos about 28th June.

Moves of Enemy

  • 1x1x1x1 punches ground and makes a green quake.
  • 1x1x1x1 shoots a green cube.
  • 1x1x1x1 gains green sheild, and teleports players back with AoE Damage.
  • 1x1x1x1 when nearly die. Starts 1x bomb.
  • If 1x1x1x1 has been defeated. After he rises with RED mode and his name turns into 6x6x6x6.

Moves of Enemy ( RED )

  • 6x6x6x6 shoots symbols.
  • 6x6x6x6 gains 1000 health every 30 seconds ( Full server 2000 ).
  • 6x6x6x6 gains a RED sheild, and teleports players back with AoE Damage.
  • 6x6x6x6 glitches map in every 1 minute ( 60 secs )
  • If 6x6x6x6's Health is low. Starts Rage. ( 10x damage )
  • If 6x6x6x6 defeated. He is using his last attack with Ultimate AoE Bomb.
  • 6x6x6x6's Wrath ( deals 6 damage overtime to players ).

Moves of 1x1x1x1

Move Name Key Damage Cooldown Info
HOAX LMB 666 0.6 1x1x1x1 shoots an green and black colored cube.
Hacker E 666 0.6 1x1x1x1 opens a sheilds and teleports nearest enemy and creates an High AoE Damage.
Control R N/A 0.6 1x1x1x1 controls a player.
Teleport F N/A 0.6 1x1x1x1 teleports which player he wants. ( On teleport Menu )


T 66 66 1x1x1x1 changes sky and ground's colour to Lime Green for 66 seconds and does damage overtime to enemy/enemies.
Reset Yourself G 666 6 1x1x1x1 resets and makes an High AoE Damage.
Kill Y 6666 66 1x1x1x1 explodes random enemy for Ultimmate AoE Damage.
It's End U 6666666

( INF )

666 1x1x1x1 kills all enemy with unknown power.

Upgrades of 1x1x1x1

  • Increase 1x1x1x1's Damage.
  • Increase 1x1x1x1's Damage More.
  • Increase 1x1x1x1's Damage More More.


  • 1x1x1x1 Friend with Hax0r.
  • Enemy of 1x1x1x1 is Fattz.


  • 28th is lie like John Doe.
  • 1x1x1x1 pretty strong character.
  • In 50/50/50 1x1x1x1 be in RED mode but RED version of same moves.
  • 1x1x1x1 totally a joke character.
  • 1x1x1x1 have old story in ROBLOX.
  • In 50/50/50 1x1x1x1 character name change to 6x6x6x6.

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