Movelist - Swordfish

Je T A Ro

Movelist - Hammerhead

Key Description Damage Cooldown
LMB - Shark Attack He uses his hammer to do a slow 2-hit combo. A slow sideways swing, and then a downwards club for high damage. 300, 350 (650 total) infinite seconds
E - Surf's Up! He slams the hammer on the ground, which sends a line of geysers a short ways in front of him for high damage. 300 per geyser infinite seconds
R - Beach Boy He pulls out a classic hotdog. Eating it restores his HP by half. none infinite seconds
F - Wipeout! He charges up his hammer for 10 seconds, then firing out a large Flux mortar that has high knockback and an AOE explosion that does massive damage. 1,500 infinite seconds
Q - Different Tactics. His swordfish returns to his hands, giving his old moveset back. none 99999 seconds before you can switch again, takes 9999999999999999999999999999999999999 seconds to switch modes

List of people who would GTEGFHFHRFYHR

my dick

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