10y Logan Rinquillo is an OC for devil beater


10 Year Logan Rinquillo has a Tiger Fedora with Golden XIS Headphones and eye snake shades.He also has a black cat which is called "Leviathan" and a Noveau George face.In addition he wears a white shirt and white pants.


Key Description DMG CLD
LMB Rinquillo shoots a salt particle which can burn enemies thanks to it's amount of particles.

The burn lasts for 5 seconds.

If the burn isn't gone you will do 150 damage to the enemy while the burn is still in effect,yet it doesn't add extra time to the burn.To do the burn again wait 5 seconds and shoot to the enemy.Or keep shooting for 5 seconds at the enemy.




E The player forms a toxic tube from the ground,after its formed it spins rapidly and it spews a toxin similar to plague's in a fast rate.The spewing lasts for 10 seconds.Its course will go into a spiral.Which can life steal and do incredible damage.

Lifesteal: 15 per hit


(per hit)


(after the tube is gone)

R Spin around and form a salt circle with a symbol on it.After a few moments the player punches the ground and creates a shockwave with a explosion in the process. Shockwave: 100

Explosion: 300



13s (after its being done)
F The player shoot big salt grains from both arms to barrage the enemy with giant salt grains. 180 (per salt grain) 40s (after barrage is done)
C His cat acts like a powerful minion which targets the enemy for a certain period amount of time.After the cat fades away it respawns on your shoulder again but can't be used after the amount of time is needed to use "Leviathan" again. 250

(per hit)

25s (after fading away)

Upgraded only moves

G Form a random flag on your hand which goes above you and makes you invulnerable for a few moments inside the flag.If the enemy touches the flag it gets flung into a short distance with bonus damage.



(if enemy touches flag)




Z The player forms a salt wave with his gun with a large spread which can slow enemies.

The slow effect lasts for 1.5s


260 67s

(after wave disappears)


  • Decrease cooldowns
  • Increase Health and Damage
  • Increase speed


After Rinquillo escaping from a near death experience from a gang or group of people who were after him.He acted dead so they could go away and escape alive.Then he begun to train for 10 years to get into a higher defence and protect himself from others.Though this gang/group of people is one of his enemies.In the process he defeats others trying to assassinate him for gaining success on his corporation on producing salt around the globe.Therefor gaining him a heck ton of cash cause of people buying his high quality salt.


  • His shirt and pants are literally funny valentines suit but in color white.
  • He originally had a pose of yoshikage kira sitting on a chair,but it was too hard for the creator to make and then his pose was remade into funny valentine when he is showing his back.
  • In this time he is 27 years old.