proof that this is the true waifu & is a godtier


10yr Jetaro wears the Bighead thingo, spikeyos, arrow piercing his small brain, cap thing, and eye poppos, and paper abs to seem cool (still a Jotaro clone I guess)


Key Description Damage Cooldown
Q (I can stop time too guys) pull out a clock and take out the batteries since you can't time stop your self esteem lowers, increases speed slightly permanently, decreases health permanently none 30 seconds
LMB (autistic screeching) use your OMEGA JETARO BODYPILLOW filled with bricks and other things because reasons you loser (collectors edition) dealing medium damage 200 10 seconds
E (oreo 2.0) detach your arm to do a quick punch 250 15 seconds
R (Jet finger 2.0) use all of your fingers to just poke the enemy 300 25 seconds
F (insert something here) makes your stand appear, it does a punch forwards knocking back enemies then disappears afterwards 350 30 seconds
J (Stand summon (or whatever)2.0 I guess 50/50/50) your stand appears and starts punching locking you, the stand, and the enemy(s) in place, dealing slight knock back at the end (stand will stay out and do some moves for you or something) 1000 (100 each hit) 3 Minutes
G (50/50/50) you take off them eye poppos, 40% to increase all stats slightly, 60% chance to kill you none can only be used once unless you die
T (15/15/15) yell at the enemies for acting like THOTS (dying noises) slightly damage enemies, stunning for 5 seconds 69 damage 20 seconds


- decrease amount of hp taken up from Q

- decrease cooldown

-increase damage slightly


  • kancer10043 got bored and created this or something
  • Waffle Was Here, waffle the gay cup (delet this (no)))))))))))))))))))
  • OMEGA ULTIMATE WAIFU or something
  • your mom

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