Key Desc DMG Lifesteal CD
LMB Slash your sword,and toss a cactus bomb. Slash = 200

Bomb = 150

Slash = 50 HP

Bomb = 0 HP

1.8 seconds
E You say "Sheer Heart Attack" and throw a bomb,that homes in on an enemy. 500 66 HP 4 seconds
R Hold up a giant orb,and then float up and smash it down,causing a giant explosion. A small patch of cacti also appears that will damage enemies when passing through. Explosion = 800

Cactus = 30

100 HP 5 seconds
F Hold out your sword,and shoot needles from it,dealing low damage each needle. Fires one needle every 0.5 seconds. Lasts for 10 seconds 10 a needle 50 HP a needle 8 seconds
Taunt Same as regular. 0 1 HP 2.5 seconds
Q (505050 ONLY) Cut open a bomb with your sword,and drink the juice,doubling your damage for 20 seconds. Stacks. 0 69 HP 10 seconds


Increase HP massively

Increase Damage

Increase Sword/Explosion Size


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