Murasa Aequanubi Praemus Sublancoris

He's 10 Yr version of Viridrian Xelander. Can be called, "MAPS" as an acronym.

Moveset (Universal)

Key Desc Damage Cooldown
Passive Every successful strike, has a chance of 2.08333% or 1/48 of summoning either a red, blue and green UfO. Each colo(u)rs gives in different buff towards the player. One UFO will last for 90 Seconds. If that reaches 0, it will simply fly away. If you got another UFO before the timer runs out, restarts the timer and start 30 seconds more. 3 is the maximum amount, and cannot gain another 2 similar colo(u)rs of UFO.

  • Green gives a health buff of 300+ HP
  • Red gives a damage buff of 1.8x Damage Boost
  • Blue gives a cooldown reduce buff of -1.6 seconds (Moves that are lower than 2.2 seconds won't be affected)

(50/50/50): Now gains 3 more spots for a total of 6 UFOs flying around you. That means 2 red, green and blue.

None None
Q Absorbing the water droplets or particles from any surfaces, forms a much larger pocket umbrella representing his FoF. Switches between anchor to umbrella form, at anytime but discards the fly ability. He also gain a new set of stats:

  • 620 HP
  • 36 Speed
  • Increased health regeneration of 15 health per 3 seconds
  • Lose the ability to fly
None None

Moveset (Anchor)

Key Desc Damage Cooldown
Z Infinite flying by sitting on his anchor. Can be dismounted by pressing Z again, or change into umbrella mode. Flying changes some moves on the anchor moveset. It's also has the same flying speed of it's walkspeed (12). None None
LMB Swings his anchor sideways to inflict a devastating blow of knockback and stun for 2.5 seconds. Yet, requires 1.4 seconds to charge up before hitting.

Flying: Swipe in a much larger and fast traveling water disc. Able to penetrates through enemies and walls.

290 Dmg

100 Dmg (Flying)

2 Seconds

0.3 Seconds (Flying

E Throws your anchor onto mouse location while you still holding the anchor chain. After 0.8 seconds delay, reels it in which damages the enemy the second time. Doesn't stun, but yet inflicts high knockback,

Flying: Drop down an anchor directly from the sky by summoning another one. When impact onto the floor, releases an AoE that has very high knockback. Also stuns them for 2 seconds.

245 Dmg

280 Dmg (Flying)

4 Seconds
R Release a 4 burst lines of 5 flowing bubbles each line, bouncing up and down while travelling. Able to bouce off walls.

Flying: Rains around 12 thin water shards onto mouse location. Pierces through walls and enemies.

60 Dmg each bubble 105 Dmg each shard (Flying)
F Warps onto mouse location by turning himself into a water mist. Only can be traven under the range of 130 studs. After appearing, releases a purple pulse from his body which stuns the enemy for 1.8 seconds. Flying included.

(15/15/15:) Now fires 14 shots of purple bubbles around hom after the pulse. The 7 of them will be homing, yet deals less damage than the normal ones.

180 Dmg

(15/15/15): 65 Dmg each bubble (15/15/15): 50 Dmg each homing bubble

5 Seconds
X Graze(dodge) an incoming attack by turning himself into a mist and giving a very short forcefield for 0.6 seconds. Afterwards, quickly flip backwards to avoid danger.

Flying: Graze(dodge) by turning himself into a water mist, just like the non-flying version. Instead of flipping backwards, teleports backwards for 8 studs.

None 8 Seconds

WIP never lolololololollol

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