oh boy another 10 yr oc just like everything else


Pumple's 10 Yr self wears a cat shirt and some YUM pants.

He wears goggles, a flower hat and a ROBLOX tie.


Summer intern to get money to afford beach fees.


Keystroke Description Damage Cooldown Duration
Q !HURRICANE SWING! aka swing post around like a hurricane. 100 per hit.

Recoil : 100

10s 3s
Lmb !SWING POST! aka swing post 60 1s N/A
E !STOCK BOOST! aka damage buff Damage Buff 20s 10s
R !FOR SALE THRUST! aka post thrust 200

Missing : 100 to self

10s N/A
F !!!!BL@CK FR1D@Y!!! aka hell Speed Buff to everyone 1m 30s
Z !YOU NEED 10/10/10 SALE! !??STOCK DOWN??! aka post power sm@sh to the gr0und 1000

mISSING : 666 to self

1m N/A


Due to the shutting down of the beach due to financial reasons, Pumple is forced to work a salesman job to assist his financial fee and try to find another beach to work in.


  • all work
  • and no play
  • makes jack a doll toy