Basically Balistique after 10 Yrs of Training.                                                                     


Key Moveset Cooldown DMG
LMB Fire a shot from your Railgun. Until Reloaded. 1000 DMG

Force a weak energy wave from the railgun, but take tiny self damage.

0.5 Seconds. 500 DMG, 5 Self Damage
R Reload your 1 Charge. Takes 10 seconds. 10 Seconds N/A
F Overload your Railgun, making it fire Project 5R, "Zodiac Sign: Libra" (Basically a fast homing bullet that fades after going too far.) 30 Seconds 2500, 350 Self Damage.
G Eat a Croissant. 10 Seconds +100 HP
T Zoom In. 0.1 Seconds. N/A
P After getting 10 headshots in a row, Astra can evolve to its Pure form. Only Activatable When 10 Consecutive headshots have been acquired. N/A, But locked for 5 Seconds.
X Throw a knife. 5 Seconds. 100 DMG

                                         Astra : Overlord

Key Moveset Cooldown Dmg
LMB Fire pellets that spread. 1 Second. 500 DMG X 10 Pellets
E Fire a MASSIVE energy bullet that homes, but is really REALLY slow. 10 Seconds. 2500 DMG
R Reload your clip of 7, takes 30 seconds. 30 Seconds. N/A
F After awakening Overlord... you think there may be nothing else... but Project 1A... "Zodiac Sign : Scorpio" is ready for you. (Actual: Unleash a barrage of pellets, energy bullets, railgun shots, energy waves, and overload shots for 30 seconds, but obtain MASSIVE self damage.) 100 Seconds. Depends, 390 Self Damage.