this is another OC made by skylanderpro2323/XxskylerisbackXx. link to current model: do whatever you want to it - kaiden10043 == A firehyperking and champiandragonite get it for free for completed a quiz also karvafan543 gets it becuase she' sfire's cousin venatas and 1dud5 get it for free also for a completing a quiz == {| class="article-table" !Name !Descripion !Damage !Cooldown |- |LMB |I dont like life |Stab yourself, increases max hp. |Healing by 1 HP |3 seconds |- |E |smol ray |Grab a gun with the same skin as your rainbowseer that normally Johnny boi had and shoot the ground making your self smaller |500 |1 hour |- |R |GROUND SLASH |pull out your sword of Azurerath and slash the ground making your damage increase by 10 |100 Damage |2 minutes |- |F |I wanna be the legendary Jetaro! |summons a stand and the stand punches 40 times |400 Damage |50 Seconds |- |Q |goodbye cruel world |Kill yourself for whatever reason you want |inf damage to yourself |each life |- |J |WAKA FLOCKA |Play Waka Flocka Game On for 5 minutes |none |30 seconds |} == Upgrades == -Increase loudness of J. -Increase loudness of J even more. -Increase chance of surviving Q

Fidget spinner in one hand, pussy in the other

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