Here he is. 10YR Memer is an oc for Devil Beater, and he is never to be bought in.


10YR Memer Dreamer has black, spiky hair and very dark sunglasses. He now has two smaller heads on his shoulders. He is wearing a yellow shirt and yellow pants. He also has the classic "Meme Jesus" on his chest, except it looks quite trippy.


Key Description Damage Cooldown
Q Like Chi no Senshi's Q, Memer sprays

B emoji's all around him.

100 each


LMB Throw a bighead. Upon impact it


200 1.5 seconds.
E Throw Thomas the Tank Engine at

the enemy.

550 20 seconds.
R Dab and freeze everyone. Shortly after that, this plays quietly. It progressively gets louder until it turns into ear rape and once its turned into ear rape a giant bighead crushes the enemy. 900 120 seconds.
F Open a giant portal. Once open, the

portal sprays out memes. Plays this.

200 each meme 100 seconds.
T Dab. 0 None.
Z Chug Clorox™ Bleach. 14999/15000 chance to kill you,1/15000 chance to survive. If you survive,you say "Lets get riiiiighttt into the news!" and instantly kill every player and enemy,by doing 69 damage every tick for 69 seconds 1000000



X Memer gets ANGERY, and all his moves deal 200% more dmg. Idk, it lasts for 10 seconds tho 10 Seconds?
Passive Memer sits on a floating bighead. 0 None.


10YR Memer Dreamer acts cool with his new fresh memes. He usually sits down and rides one of his floating bigheads.

People who are getting him for free.

  • Me.
  • Tsuranuita. (He's getting a 420/420/420 version because he's a fucking meme.)
  • ChrisSinisterra.
  • kaiden10043. (Getting a 420/420/420 version.)
  • BackflipZoura.
  • RageGaming99.
  • door_kn0b.
  • superrumble4.
  • alexdavid4. (Getting a 337/337/337 version.)
  • Falltz.
  • SoBored12345.
  • xxlivexlifexx. (Getting a 360/360/360 version for his cringey photo.)
  • Filthy_Sinner.
  • SamNITO.
  • qu240103.
  • The_Gentlemaniac.
  • SirVenon. (Also getting 420/420/420 version because why not lol.)
  • Hopleessly.
  • JamarMario.
  • AsrielMemer.
  • kiwisfromtrees
  • Logansalt77.
  • eggman12345.
  • theggyer.
  • coolguy1606. (Getting a 420/420/420 version.)
  • Ena_Sotelo.
  • floweryraocow.
  • UncleDuckFace
  • TangibleCraze11. (Getting a -1/-1/-1 version because he wants one lol.)

Don't ask for 10YR Memer please, 29 (not including me) is enough. and cheese


  • Damage.
  • Speed.
  • Increase Chance of Surviving the Z.


  • Credit to alexdavid4 [Alliazu] for the character design.