Here he is. 10YR Memer is an oc for Devil Beater, and he is 100% going to be bought in.


10YR Memer Dreamer has black, spiky hair and very dark sunglasses. He now has two smaller heads on his shoulders. He is wearing a yellow shirt and yellow pants. He also has the classic "Meme Jesus" on his chest, except it looks quite trippy.


Key Description Damage Cooldown
Q Like Chi no Senshi's Q, Memer sprays

B emoji's all around him.

100 each


LMB Throw a bighead. Upon impact it


200 1.5 seconds.
E Throw Thomas the Tank Engine at

the enemy.

550 20 seconds.
R Dab and freeze everyone. Shortly after that, this plays quietly. It progressively gets louder until it turns into ear rape and once its turned into ear rape a giant bighead crushes the enemy. 900 120 seconds.
F Open a giant portal. Once open, the

portal sprays out memes. Plays this.

200 each meme 100 seconds.
T Dab. 0 None.
Z Chug Clorox™ Bleach. 14999/15000 chance to kill you,1/15000 chance to survive. If you survive,you say "Lets get riiiiighttt into the news!" and instantly kill every player and enemy,by doing 69 damage every tick for 69 seconds 1000000



X Memer gets ANGERY, and all his moves deal 200% more dmg. Idk, it lasts for 10 seconds tho 10 Seconds?
Passive Memer sits on a floating bighead. 0 None.


10YR Memer Dreamer acts cool with his new fresh memes. He usually sits down and rides one of his floating bigheads.

People who are getting him for free.

  • Me.
  • Tsuranuita. (He's getting a 420/420/420 version because he's a fucking meme.)
  • ChrisSinisterra.
  • kaiden10043. (Getting a 420/420/420 version.)
  • BackflipZoura.
  • RageGaming99.
  • door_kn0b.
  • superrumble4.
  • alexdavid4. (Getting a 337/337/337 version.)
  • Falltz.
  • SoBored12345.
  • xxlivexlifexx. (Getting a 360/360/360 version for his cringey photo.)
  • Filthy_Sinner.
  • SamNITO.
  • qu240103.
  • The_Gentlemaniac.
  • SirVenon. (Also getting 420/420/420 version because why not lol.)
  • Hopleessly.
  • JamarMario.
  • AsrielMemer.
  • kiwisfromtrees
  • Logansalt77.
  • eggman12345.
  • theggyer.
  • coolguy1606. (Getting a 420/420/420 version.)
  • Ena_Sotelo.
  • floweryraocow.
  • UncleDuckFace
  • TangibleCraze11. (Getting a -1/-1/-1 version because he wants one lol.)

Don't ask for 10YR Memer please, 29 (not including me) is enough.


  • Damage.
  • Speed.
  • Increase Chance of Surviving the Z.


  • Credit to alexdavid4 [Alliazu] for the character design.

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