he will be bought in by demaru (yeah hype fambronis)

Sad news my duders, tsu has quit the internet and will sadly not see this char come into db. If you want the reason why tsu quit dm me on discord at tired#1469

it's a sad day ~ggyer

Key Desc DMG CD
LMB You punch,and leave behind a ghostly figure. After 3 have been made,they'll clump together and cause a small explosion Punch = 200

Explosion = 250

1 second
E You punch the ground,and lightning strikes all around you for the next 5 seconds 100 per strike. 5 seconds.
R You hold up your hand,and a shield comes in front of you (similar to Reinhardt) and you can only attack with 1 fist,doubling the CD on LMB. Shield blocks ALL projectiles,and lasts 3 seconds. 50 damage 5 seconds
F You gather up a giant shield for 120 seconds,doubling your damage,and healing all allies by 50 every 2 seconds they are in it. For every 3 LMBs,instead of an explosion,it causes you to strike lightning on every player,buffing them for 10% more damage. Stackable x2 30 seconds after usage
T (15/15/15 only) Plays either

0 0 seconds
Q (50/50/50 only) Open up your Hate Bubble,except now its Recon Bubble. Teleports you to the place you were 10 seconds ago. When you teleport back,all enemies close to you will be knocked back by the bubble.


25 10 seconds
Passive Every 20 seconds,the earth quakes around you. 800 20 seconds


Massively increase HP,but lower speed

Increase Speed

Massively increase HP,drastically drastic.. (bad grammar,its the joke)

15/15/15 Bonus:

You unlock taunts

50/50/50 bonus:

You unlock Q

50/50/50 Stats

HP: 1489

Speed: 20

DPS: 165


  • not a joke character anymore

List of People Getting Him

me (wow no way,i dont believe it)

drager980 (since he'll script it.)

iiKingRobux (good friend)

ChrisSinisterra (good friend)

Alexdavid4 (the outfit)

theggayer (pose)

qu/numbers (jones bbq and foot massage)


bop lee (bop it)

Challenge: Beat the entire game as 10 years Rufaro. No skips. No exceptions. Reward: this ugly noobie. Send proof to me on discord tsuranuita#2749.

People who get 75/75/75



king of robux

chris sinister terra



(ps: crynex don't add yourself to the list fagguette)

all of the dane gang

People who get 101/101/101 (thats the max we could do due to HP cap)

Me (Will have a bottle of either ranch or beer for the R shield,and a giant bighead for the F shield)

Demaru (Will have a wall of Etaleo's cards for the R shield,and a giant dragon for the F shield)

each upgrade point from the FIRST HP upgrade gives him

1.91693291 hp per point

plus the other HP buff

the other HP buff is 17.52

so with this math if i round

its 18 for the 2nd

and 2 for the first

and 1200(50/50/50 HP) / 18 =


which rounded is about


so 69 x 50 / 626 = 550

so 550 for the 2nd upgrade

and 626/2 = 313 for the 1st upgrade

550 + 313 = 863

863 + 626 = 1489

so with that math

if i multiply it by 2 you'll have 2978 HP

and i fi add 1 more SP to both

ill get 2998

which is exactly 101/101/101

so at 101/101/101 you'll get 2998 HP