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The God has returned.

10YR Robo Boy: Why?

Now, before you ask: "robo boy is dead, stop milking", well, theres one simple answer.

fuck arina lol


As if the old Robo Boy wasn't already beautiful enough, the new robo boy has long, beautiful gold hair, with a shining white head. He also has a brand new... arm? what.


Key Description Damage Cooldown
LMB The Lord fires a projectile from his arm cannon that will blow up when it hits an enemy or a wall, or if its blown up manually with another click of LMB. 250 (projectile)

100 (explos)

1s (after projectile is ded)
E Recall all your health you had under 5 seconds, alongside gaining an overall 50% speed and damage buff for a few seconds. 0 8s
R Temporarily give your entire team a MASSIVE boost in ALL STATS. The Lord only gets 10% of this buff. The buff is permanent only to The Lord. 0 10s (after boost)
F Create a huge portal on the ground, before an army of robo followers come out, dealing damage to the enemy. (go make your own robo follower and it'll be added to the official 10yr robo boy model, just take the normal robo boy model 'n edit it a bit: 100 p/s per follower 20s
T Thunder strikes down at random locations on the map, dealing damage based on how close the enemy was to the strike. 500 (most possible, -50 dmg each stud of distance) 7s
Q Charge up your energy, before dealing H U G E damage to EVERY ENEMY, including yourself. Plays

Even though you were killed, you wont be able to use the ability after 5 minutes.

5000 to enemy and self. 5mins


Increase follower count. (+1 follower every 5 upgrades)
Increase overall damage. (+100 damage every upgrade)
Increase buff strength. (+1% each upgrade)

At 15/15/15, gain access to T.

At 50/50/50, gain access to Q.

Now you might be wondering, why are the upgrades so op?

the term "god" wouldnt fit


After Robo Boy being defeaten, he was just a mere corpse for 4 months. During this time, his body was healing.

After those 4 months, Robo boy was reawoken. He didn't accept that he was beaten.

He went back to the heavens to train, prepare and to become stronger.

After a long period of training, he looked at the shit devil beater community.

He knew that he had to end it.

With this, 10YR Robo Boy plans on ending the db community so there isnt fUCKING FANART OF HIM AND THE ONE WHO DEFEATED HIM FOR GODS SAKE WHY


the same as pre-10yr robo boy lol


  • fuck arina