10-Year NotANoob's Appearance

NotANoob keeps a very similar appearance to his regular form, but instead of a Dominus, he has Galaxy Hair and lost his head. (Rip in kill Head)

Also he isn't gonna be bought in unless someone wants to for a 50'd version cuz wasting 15k robucc isnt fun for us.[for a heccin 3rd time]

10-Year NotANoob's Moveset

Button Input Name Description Damage Cooldown
Q Hey Here's An Attack Option Changes your LMB Fire to either spread-shot or burst-fire none 5 secs
T OOF Roblox Death Sound Totally not 0 .5 seconds
LMB Take Some Marbles Throws 3 Non-Elemental Orbs in either spread-shot or burst-fire fashions 200 per orb 1 second
E Cloak? Surrounds himself in Non-Elemental orbs that deal low damage on contact 100 per orb Shield: 5 seconds

Cooldown: 10 seconds

R Billiard Game Hits six Non-Elemental Orbs with a larger one as they all bounce around dealing contact damage 300 (Large)

150 (Small)

30 seconds
F: SOME BASIC SMITH GONNA DIE TONIGHT Does a lot of slashes to the nearest enemy before hitting them with one extra large Non-Elemental orb 150(Slashes)


1 min


He can't talk because he has no head you heccs.


Imitator Guest

Was a good friend of his but he was affected by the timelock unlike noob.

Moves (Enemy)

  • Throws 5 Non-Elemental Orbs in a spread fashion
  • Bursts out 8 Non-Elemental Orbs out of him
  • Uses the Billiard Attack but after 5 seconds the orbs float around him
  • Throws a large orb depending on how many orbs are around him


  1. Increase Damage
  2. Increase speed
  3. Increase Number of orbs on his E


You can get this char if ever bought in by beating the game as any joke char. (EX: Rhine, Snek, Fist, etc)You need proof of doing this and if you do, contact me and i'll take a look.


  1. You can take up to 6 people in your run
  2. Do not abuse commands like "reset!!!" or quaza activation(im not stonky leaker)
  3. No Edgelord, 50'd edgelord is too stronk
  4. If you AFK most of the run, your (or your partner's if they're afk)'s run is considered redundant.
  5. No Skips, except for obby skips or Rhine skip.


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