this is NOT. official.

Key Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Shoot 3 white orbs from your soda can. If one hits an enemy, you will fire 3 more that home in. 50 each orb. 2 seconds.
E Boost up,then boost down for high damage. Shockwave up = 50

Shockwave down = 200

5 seconds.
R Slow time.AKA,Reduce every player and enemies speed to 1 for 10 seconds. 0 7 seconds.
F Gain an aura around you for 10 seconds,that reduces everything in it's speed to 1. Also brings all cooldowns down to 1 second (Besides R) Aura = 500 damage to an enemy ONCE 10 seconds.


Increase "Boost!" (E) Height

Increase Damage.

Increase "Slow Down" (R) Duration


Looks like Cielo,except now his hair is spiked upwards instead of messy,and he has a ninja bandolier. His artifact soda can has also become slightly rusted.